Bamboo in Fujian Province

All our plantations are located in Fujian province, which is one of the four largest forest zones in China. Fujian has long been known as the "Green Treasury of the South", with its forest coverage rate as high as 61% of the total area, making it the most forest dense province in China. As bamboo grows at high altitude, the fact that around 80% of Fujian Province is covered with hills and mountains, combined with an annual average temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius and an average annual rainfall of 1,800 millimetres, makes the province the perfect habitat for bamboo. Most bamboo plantations are situated in the north-western part of Fujian in or near the Wuyi-Daiyun mountain range. The total size of the Moso Bamboo forests in Fujian province is around 830,000 ha, equivalent to 28% of China’s total Moso Bamboo forest area (3,000,000 ha).

As a result of the abundant supply of the raw material, a critical mass of related processing industries has developed. These companies create a web of interlinked business which generates economies of scale and lower transportation costs. Most of our bamboo trees go to processing factories which are located close to our plantations. In addition, the 180 million people who live in the neighbouring provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the city of Shanghai create huge demand for locally-grown bamboo shoots.

At the provincial level, the bamboo industry is one of the top five forestry projects. In addition, the local governments at all levels have placed the development of the bamboo industry high on their agendas and provide support to industry reform and modernisation, partly through the development of land use rights.

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