Welcome to Asian Bamboo AG, a leading bamboo forest resources developing and operating company that has been engaged in the cultivation of bamboo forest in China and the sale of organic bamboo shoots and bamboo trees for over ten years.


Track record

Asian Bamboo AG as one of the leading bamboo producers and suppliers of a sustainable alternative to wood holds contracts for 18 bamboo plantations right in the heart of one of China’s largest bamboo cultivating areas, the Fujian province.


Skill, experience and a strong management give Asian Bamboo AG a leading market position. Thanks to sound planning and logistics the company takes advantage of bamboo shoot and tree harvesting periods to maximise production activities throughout the year. Asian Bamboo AG has a true “early mover” advantage over the competition – with its solid reputation as one of the leading suppliers of organic bamboo shoots, ability to skilfully managing existing bamboo forests and knowledge of negotiating contracts for new land.


As bamboo increasingly becomes seen as a flexible, renewable alternative to wood, Asian Bamboo AG is in a prime position as a pioneer in this rapidly expanding market.



Business segments

Asian Bamboo AG focuses on two main business segments: Bamboo trees and organically grown bamboo shoots. Bamboo products of both segments face a growing global demand.


Asian Bamboo AG’s extensive organic bamboo shoot sales reflect the ever increasing global market for organic food – estimated at 33 billion USD in 2005. Asian Bamboo AG sells its bamboo trees mainly to domestic trading firms which in particular sell them on to companies in industries as diverse as construction, flooring, furniture and paper as a sustainable alternative to wood.?



As global demand for organic produce continues to increase, a staggering 43% between 2003 and 2005, producers are struggling to keep pace with demand.


And as bamboo resources are on the up; worldwide forest resources are dwindling; down to now 7.3 million hectares between 2000 and 2005. Ideal as an alternative to wood in a whole range of industries, bamboo is a viable renewable resource.


Being one of the leading companies in the bamboo market, Asian Bamboo AG has good opportunities to expand its already well established business as a source of organic bamboo shoots and a sustainable alternative to wood.


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