CSR and environmental impact

What’s the impact on the environment of using bamboo?

Bamboo is sometimes labelled the wood resource of the 21st century as its strength, beauty and durability make it a perfect substitute for traditional wood resources. As bamboo grows incredibly quickly and without the use of fertilisers, it is both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The Moso bamboo tree matures in around three years, while other tree species take at least 10 years and often much longer.

How is your business model beneficial to the farmers?

An independent CSR-study showed that the farmers are overall pleased with this lease structure as the compensation they receive from us is higher than the revenue they would otherwise generate themselves.

On average 70% of the lease-payment goes directly to the farmers, with the remaining 30% being used to fund local infrastructure investments, including the construction of roads and hydroelectric power stations. The payments going directly to the farmers are often used to fund housing, construction or education, in turn improving living conditions and enabling future generations to receive better schooling.

In what way are you helping the development of the agriculture industry in China?

Mainly by investing in R&D, developing distribution channels and creating economies of scale.

What local activities and charities are you supporting?

We support a variety of local charities and initiatives with links to our Company and the areas where we operate. For example, we regularly donate books and stationery supplies to the village primary schools.

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