Financial and shareholding

Does Mr. Lin have any plans to reduce his shareholding?

Mr. Lin is devoted to the business and maintains a day-to-day involvement. He is committed to remaining the largest shareholder of the Company.

How are you planning to finance your business long-term and do you have any fund raising plans?

We believe that the bamboo industry is in the early phases of a long-term growth cycle, therefore it is our goal to significantly increase our total plantation size. We will achieve this by re-investing nearly all of our operating cash flow into new plantations leases and through fund raising. As a first fund raising step, we have agreed to borrow up to USD 15 million from DEG, a well-regarded German government sponsored development bank, for a period of seven years and we raised EUR 25 million in a private equity placement in the second half of 2009.

What is your dividend policy?

We are planning to pay dividends of around 10-15% of our adjusted net profit.

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