Share buy-back

Asian Bamboo AG´s Board of Management has, as previously announced, availed itself of the authorization granted at the Annual General Meeting on 5 June 2009 to buy back shares and resolved on the same day to acquire in the period between 9 June 2009 and, at the latest, 31 December 2009 up to 100,000 shares of Asian Bamboo AG.

The repurchased shares will be retired in order to optimise the Company’s capital structure. The purpose of the share buy-back is for Asian Bamboo AG to maintain its operational and financial scope of action to secure its growth strategy. In case of a purchase over the stock exchange, the price per share paid by the Company (excluding incidental costs of acquisition) must be within a range of 10 per cent higher or lower than the opening price at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Xetra trading system. Not more than 25 per cent of the average daily turnover of the Asian Bamboo AG shares will be acquired at the respective stock exchange per day. The average daily share turnover is calculated on the basis of the average daily trading volume in the relevant trading segment during the last 20 trading days before the date of purchase. The share buy-back will be executed by a financial institution, which will act independently and without influence by Asian Bamboo AG on when to repurchase stock.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the share buy-back programme on this website:

> Overview of purchases completed under the buy-back programme
In accordance with Section 4, para. 4 of Regulation (EC) No. 2273/2003

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