Distribution of bamboo shoots

The Chinese market for bamboo shoots

This product category comprises fresh spring bamboo shoots, winter bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots. As a result of greater awareness of food quality and rising living standards, global and Chinese demand for organic food is growing rapidly. As our bamboo shoots are organically grown, delicious and nutritious, we have seen a sharp increase in sales in recent years. We have been accredited with organic product labels in China, Japan, Europe and the US.

The Chinese organic food market has only recently started to develop but has gained considerable momentum since the 1990s. This is highlighted by the growing number of Chinese enterprises engaged in this emerging market, the development of a wide variety of organic food products as well as increasing production and trade volumes.

Bamboo shoots, which have traditionally been eaten mainly in the south-eastern parts of China, are gaining in popularity nationwide as a result of rising living standards and a growing interest in quality food. The growth has been particularly strong in the Beijing area, where we estimate consumption has increased by 100 times, in terms of volume, during the last 20 years.

We believe that the following key drivers will sustain continued and sound growth in the Chinese organic food market – government support, higher public awareness of food quality issues, improved distribution and retail networks, better infrastructure and transportation and rising living standards.

Our fresh products are mainly sold through wholesale markets such as the Agricultural Product Trading Centres in many cities. In 2007, we started selling our processed bamboo shoots in China and today this business accounts for roughly half of our processed bamboo sales. Industrial buyers, who reprocess our fine processed bamboo shoots and sell under their own brand names, account for the largest part of our sales. However, we also sell our products to supermarkets under our own brand name "XRX".

The Japanese market

Japan is by far the largest market in Asia for organic food products. There are a small number of Japanese companies engaged in the production of bamboo shoots, however the comparatively high labour costs in Japan result in a higher price for bamboo shoots produced in Japan. We began exporting to the Japanese market in the early 1990s and estimate that we are the largest Chinese exporter of bamboo shoots to Japan. We have obtained the Japanese organic food certification 'JAS'.

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