Processing of bamboo shoots


With the exception of the bamboo trees which are used as scaffolding, all bamboo trees are processed. As for the bamboo shoots, the large majority are sold fresh, but as the season for fresh shoots is relatively short and the demand is evenly spread throughout the year, part of our harvest is processed. Processed bamboo shoots are also sold to export markets

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots which are not sold fresh are processed at our factories in Fuzhou and Shaowu. The bamboo shoots go through a cooking and sterilisation process and are then cut, sliced or shredded before being canned or vacuum sealed. Our processed products contain no additives and strictly comply with the international quality control systems HACCP and ISO9001:2000.

Research and development

In order to maintain our competitiveness, Asian Bamboo Group places great emphasis on research and development. In 2008, we completed the construction of Xinrixian Research Centre, which is the first comprehensive research centre of its kind involved in the bamboo industry. Located at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, we are able to take full advantage of the university’s excellent research resources. The construction of the research centre was funded by a donation made by Mr Lin Zuojun in his personal capacity.

Our research centre has engaged experts from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian University, Fujian Forestry Academy and the Fujian Paper Association. In addition, George Srzednicki, a world renowned specialist in food processing and preservation, acts as a technical consultant. The key research areas of the centre are in food science, bamboo forest cultivation, fine-processing of bamboo shoots and biotechnology.

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